India has ensured there’s been no starvation: Piyush Goyal



NEW DELHI: The go nment has focused on the health of citizens and ensured that no one was left wanting for food during the Covid-19 pandemic, commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal said on Thursday.


“We have gone through the entire three months without a single person starving. That’s not just the effort of the Centre or state go nments. It is the effort of 130 crore Indians,” he said in his keynote address at the global online conference on ‘Covid 19: Jaan Bhi, Jahan Bhi’ organised by The School of Management of Bennett University, a part of the Times Group.

皮尤什在全球在線會議《新冠病毒: Jaan Bhi, Jahan Bhi上發表了主題演講,該會議由時代集團旗下的班尼特大學管理學院主辦,他表示:“整整三個月,沒有一個印度人挨餓,這不僅僅是中央政府及邦政府努力的結果,也是13億印度人共同努力的結果。”

“If one was to research on how different nations responded to the Spanish Flu, 100 years ago, those that focused on lives and health of people... be it with limited resources at that point, progressed much faster and became prosperous. Those that only focused on their economies suffered,” he said.


We took care of our needs and of others’ too: Goyal


Union commerce and industry minister Piyush Goyal on Thursday said India has helped other countries during the novel coronavirus pandemic. “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (the world is one family) is ingrained in the Indian ethos,” he said. “While you are on a flight, if there is turbulence, what are you advised? Tie your seat belt first before you help others. We ensured that India’s requirements are taken care of, but we also ensured that the seat belt is tied for over 3-4 billion people across the globe with the supply of medicines to over 120 countries,” he said while speaking at a global online conference on “Covid 19: Jaan Bhi, Jahan Bhi’ organised by The School of Management of the Bennett University.


Speaking at the same conference, former chief economist at the World Bank and chief economic advisor to the Indian go nment, Kaushik Basu said measures needed to be taken to protect the vulnerable.


“The immediate concern should be the hundreds of thousands who are walking hundreds of miles only to go home, those who are walking in large groups but are Sall alone,” Basu explained.


According to Basu, the financial package announced by the finance minister is necessary but not sufficient given the dark clouds of recession and unemployment. Basu said that while go nment spending would create inflationary pressures in six months, there was a need to move ahead now to protect the vulnerable sections and take corrective measures later.


“If this Rs 20 lakh crore were an additional amount this should be enough. People who are scraping through the details are saying that it is not additional and it includes what RBI has done. If the additional amount is half (of what is announced) it is not enough,” added Basu.



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Ashok Kamath

Migrants wants to go back home without following lock down policies...Anti nationals are spreading rumors and making more hardship yo migrants..




Although it is very hard task but present go nment ensuring no starvation of any kind.This hard work will be counted in BJP history .God bless our country

its people .Jai Hind.



Bharat Chhabra

after so many years of ruling by the Congress , Indians reposed faith in Modi.

and if Modi fails now , this country will go to dogs as there is none with notable credentials to reign .



Bharat Chhabra

if Modi fails , then there is no one who can handle this country.

only hope




Sunil Kumar

Congress is wetting its pants after counting 0s in 20 lakh crores.

國大黨數完20萬億后面有幾個0后, 褲子都濕了


Arun Kumar

It was responsibility of state Govt to take care of Migrant workers but some Govt failed to do so.




Modi claims all the credit. When things go wrong, not my problem. Typical coward




What a minister

People are suffering from hunger, especially Migrant workers.

Please stop showing this news, other country men will laugh at us for electing him.




Jagdip Vaishnav

People of India are well aware, this Govt has given relief, benefits to poor which no Govt has extended till date


Mudi Ji

Yes yes before Modi came we were living in caves. Stupid bhakt.



aaaa bbbb

What an idiot! So much of arrogance, never expected from someone of his stature to say this.



Raaz Raj

idiot, doesn't know the ground reality. This is all just for media headlines



Abhishek Kumar

I don't think any worst go nment has come before than this one. What a joke, no starvation. I wonder why people vote for them.



Shivkumar Mohite

He should watch the video of the great fight for biscuits.



Vignesh India

Minister's should be responsible in making statements.



Vishal Ganjoor

BJP liars, just saw a video of people fighting for a samosa on railyway station.



Mudi Ji

I don't know how this idiot can shamelessly claim that not a single case of starvation is there. Takes next level of shamelesness to say that in public.



Nirav Modi

Modi is busy eating Japanese mushroom which costs 1 lakh rupees per plate.... And Piyush goel children are studying in USA... What do they care



Arun Sharma

People are dying on road.



Atul Bhatia

White Lies.....so sad......Deliberately closing eyes to plight of migrants.



K Mohan

Many organizations even today are giving rice and essentials to the poor and needy



Sanjoy Pandey

It should also be ensured that the benefit reaches the real needy people and not digested by any political leaders.



Sameer S

During the 1943 Bengal Famine, Winston Churchill rejected food aid because he said that "Indians breed like rabbits so relief efforts will accomplish nothing". This was when India's population was 330 million. Today India's population is 1.4 Billion.




gaurav singh

Shame on the govt.




If i was the reporter i would have not even published this article.



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